Create Softwarecenter Shortcut in Start Menu via Configmgr

Target: Create Softwarecenter shortcut in start menu for all users and deploy it via Configmgr package

In my previous post I discripted howto create shortcuts in start menu and in the taskbar via Configmgr. In this post I’ll show you an example to create in Windows 10 start menu a shorcut to the softwarecenter of Configmgr.

You can download the package sources from the following link:

The package includes the Pinto10v2.exe and the powershell script to create the shortcut.


Source-Code of the .ps1:

#create shortcut and pinto Start-menu on Windows 10

.\PinTo10v2.exe /pinsm “$env:Homedrive\Windows\CCM\SCClient.exe”

#Rename the Shortcut

Get-ItemProperty “$env:Homedrive\Users\$env:USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\SCClient.lnk” | Rename-Item -NewName {$ -replace “SCClient”,”Softwarecenter”} -PassThru

Howto deploy the package.

Create a new package:


With a program – as command line use the .ps1 file. Run the program with user rights:


In the first test you can set the visibility to “Normal” for production deployments set it to Hidden:


Limit the package to Win10:


Distribute the package to the required Distribution-Points. And deploy it the the required collection.

The result will look like below.

Before the script runs:





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