Copy troubleshooting logs via “run a Script” ConfigMgr 1706

Target: Copy logs to troubleshoot OS-Deployments and Software-Deployments via “run a Script” in ConfigMgr 1706

With the release of ConfigMgr 1706 the feature to run Powershell Scripts was released. Sometimes it can be helpful to copy some logs to troubleshoot the OS-Deployment process or a Software-Deployment process. I created a small script which copys the smsts.log and some of the for me intressing Software-Deployment logs.

First step: create a network share and give everyone full-access.

Afterwards you can go in ConfigMgr to the Scripts section and create your script:


pushd \\server\smstslogs$

new-item $env:computername -ItemType directory -Force


Copy-Item $env:windir\CCM\Logs\smsts* -Force

Copy-Item $env:windir\CCM\Logs\app* -Force

Copy-Item $env:windir\ccmsetup\Logs\ccmsetup* -Force

Copy-Item $env:windir\Logs\Software\* -Force

Save the script – and approve it afterwards:

Then you can run the script against any collection you need / select the collection and select “Run Script”

Select your script and run it against your collection:

The result will look the following / on your network share you will find for each device which is online a new folder and the logs included: