Import “dynamic” start-menu during OSD SCCM

We had the need to import two different start-menus.

One which includes the Office Shortcuts and one without.

But this method you can also use to build your required “dynamic” start layout in Windows 10.

With MS Office installed:




The first step is that you export the two start-layouts with the following command:

export-startlayout –path <path><file name>.xml

Name it for example:




Afterwards create a small powershell script – the scripts copys the IE11 .Ink file and checks if Office 2013 (Office15)

is installed / if yes the start-layout with the Office Icons will be imported if not the default without Office will

be imported.


To Import the IE11 Icon again -> you need to copy also the file to the destination.

In the package place now the Internet Explorer.Ink file plus the two .xml Layouts and the powershell script:


Distribute the package to the required DP’s and you can run the import during the task-sequence:

2017-08-27 16_10_49-Import _dynamic_ start-menu during OSD SCCM - OneNote