ConfigMgr GUI query device affinity Primary User / Device

Target: Get primary devices from users / get primary users from device or with csv import possibility

Requirements: ConfigMgr Console needs to be installed and the user requires the permission to query primary device / primary user. And device affinity needs to be configured in ConfigMgr

Run the .exe with a user which has permission to query the primary user / primary device information in Configmgr.

Download: click here

You can query a singel user / click on Run and you get the device:


You can query a singel computer / click on Run and you get the user:


Or you click on “CSV” then you can select a CSV-File to query multiple users or devices. An example .csv file is included in the sources. The result will be shown in an grid view. And the result will be exported in an csv to C:\temp\primary_users_device



Please modify the MP.xml before you start the .exe file. Enter the name of your ConfigMgr-Server. Your Site-Code and your AD-Domain-Name.


The program was created in Sapiens Powershell-Studio 2017. I’ll publish the .exe Version but if want the .psf file – just let me know.