Deploy RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) for Windows 10 1809 via SCCM – Installer

Beginning with 1809 the installation of the RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) changed. It’s no longer a separat download instead it’s now included in “Feature on Demand” and downloads it directly from Microsoft. You can install the features now as optional feature in the settings menu. But in my tests this is buggy and not very user frindly.  I decided to create my own installer based on the Powershell comands. The tool uses Get-WindowsCapability, Add-WindowsCapability and remove-WindowsCapability.

You can deploy the executable via SCCM. As application or package.

The tool looks like below in my Software-Center:

You can select single RSAT Tools or multiple or select all:


Same way to uninstall one or multiple RSAT Tools.

You can find the download here: click